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Diseases of Teeth :

Caries : A Black spot on tooth surface is called caries .

How Caries developed?

When a person eat carbohydrates like sugar containing food, when it remain unclean for longer period and stick on the tooth, in the mouth there is saliva containing bacteria, it converts this carbohydrates into acid and it will destroy the tooth structure.

Once caries started it will go deeper and deeper. Patient may or may not have pain, as the caries detected it should be treated as early as possible. Pain killer tablets will stop the pain for temporary period only, it has no effect on caries.

Treatment : Caries should be removed by drilling and tooth should be filled by silver filling or composite filling.


If caries is reached up to living portion of tooth, tooth may become dead infection may develop, or patient may have swelling, then tooth should be treated by RTC followed by FCC [Cap].

Fractured teeth, or Attrition if tooth is broken due to injury or if there is Attrition and patient have sensitivity due to hot or cold or sweets. Treatment: Composite Fillings.

Rampant caries in children: Some times small children have all the carious teeth. There milk teeth should also be saved and treated by fillings.

Precautions: Mother should take care for their Childs teeth as the 1st tooth erupt in the mouth .

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